May 29, 2024

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has launched pre-market trading.


The cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has launched the platform Pre-market for buying tokens before official listing. The first project on the platform is Merlin Chain (MERL). This is reported in the exchange’s blog.

Service clients can trade assets that have not yet been listed on spot markets of centralized exchanges.

Merlin Chain is an L2 solution for Bitcoin, simplifying the interaction of users with the leading cryptocurrency by supporting BRC-20, BRC-420, Bitmap, Atomicals, and other protocols. The project uses ZK-Rollup and transmits data through decentralized oracles.

“Pre-market trading is another step in Bitget’s commitment to providing users with innovative solutions. This feature underscores our desire to create a dynamic and inclusive environment in the fast-changing cryptocurrency market,” said exchange managing director Gracie Chen.

Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2018. The platform’s ecosystem includes spot and futures markets, lending and copy trading services, a solution for bot trading, a multi-currency Web3 wallet, and an NFT marketplace.

Earlier, Bitget launched USDT staking with a 100% annual return.

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