May 29, 2024

Intel has introduced the new AI processor Gaudi 3.


Intel unveiled the next-generation AI chip Gaudi 3.

The new model is more than two times more energy-efficient than its predecessor and is available in various configurations. For example, as a set of eight Gaudi 3 chips on one motherboard or a card that can be installed in existing systems.

“We are working on creating a product in the form of building blocks that will allow you to build the solution you need, rather than buy a ready-made version,” said Intel’s senior vice president of network group Sachin Katti.

The corporation tested the chips on open-source AI models. According to company representatives, Gaudi 3 can help in training or deploying chatbots.

Intel unveils new AI processorIntel unveils new AI processor
Appearance of the Gaudi microprocessor. Data: Intel.

“We use industrial standard Ethernet and expect Gaudi 3 to be competitive compared to the latest Nvidia processors,” said Intel’s Xeon VP Das Kamhaut.

Gaudi 3 measures 5 nm. Journalists speculated that the company is using third-party foundries.

Intel also plans to manufacture AI chips for third-party companies at a new factory in Ohio. Its opening is scheduled for 2027-2028.

Gaudi 3 will be available in the third quarter of 2024, and companies will start building architectures of their systems based on these chips. Intel has not yet indicated the price range.

Recall, in March 2024, Nvidia announced a new generation of AI chips.

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