May 29, 2024

The escort service launched a token on the TON blockchain.

Cryptocurrency cashing2
Cryptocurrency cashing2

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The escort model platform Ashoo has launched its own coin Spintria (SP) on the TON blockchain with the Proof-of-Sex consensus mechanism. The team announced an airdrop and staking feature.

According to the service representatives, the token for “adult projects is backed by real and virtual sex, as well as demand for it”.

The total supply will be 888,888,888 SP. Every first day of the month, 25% of the coins received by Ashoo as payment for advertising will be burned until their supply is halved from the original.

The first distribution of SP will take place on April 15 exclusively for service models who link a TON wallet to their account. The second airdrop is scheduled for April 30 under similar conditions.

The third stage of distribution will start on May 30, and anyone can participate under certain conditions.

The first presale of SP will take place from April 17 to April 24.

“Before the presale, Spintria can only be purchased from escorts. We leave it up to the girls to decide how and under what conditions they will send SP to clients,” the post says.

The project team also shared plans to enter foreign markets and launch the NFT marketplace Polee.

Recall that in June 2022, the startup SEXN introduced a clone of STEPN, which allows you to earn cryptocurrency during sex.

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