May 29, 2024

The translation of “взлет TON и листинг Notcoin” in English is “Rise of TON and listing of Notcoin.”

ForkLog News Podcast 'Should have bought' 2
ForkLog News Podcast 'Should have bought' 2

‘Should have bought’ – a news podcast with the editorial team and friends of ForkLog about the main events in the industry for the week and the hottest tokens.

Topics of the episode: post-halving price forecasts for bitcoin, Ethena and Wormhole airdrops, the transformation of Blast into a real DeFi ecosystem, and the upcoming listing of Notcoin.

Participants: ForkLog authors Lena Jess, Alex K., Vasilii Smirnov.

Special guest: Wallet’s Chief Commercial Officer Alex Kruglov.

Return of volatility

Recently, the price of the first cryptocurrency collapsed from around $69,500 to $65,000. The price of Ethereum dropped to $3,250.

The correction was accompanied by mass liquidations of long positions.

However, many market analysts remain optimistic. For example, Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko expects bitcoin to reach $150,000 by the end of the year. According to his forecasts, post-halving growth will continue for the next nine months.

Mysterious transfer of bitcoins to Coinbase

A wallet controlled by the US government with 30,174 BTC initiated a transfer of ~2,000 BTC to the address of the Coinbase Prime platform.

Experts suspected the sale of seized assets from James Chun. In April 2023, he was sentenced to a year in prison for stealing 50,000 BTC from the Silk Road darknet marketplace.

Although such a transaction could have shaken traders’ confidence, the market remained calm, demonstrating a relatively positive daily dynamics.

“I’m glad that the [United States government] is doing this, returning [assets] to the markets. In any case, buy on dips,” noted MN Trading founder Michael van de Poppe.

Unpredictable Blast

The Blast L2 solution ecosystem rose to the sixth position in the DeFiLlama ranking. Its TVL reached $1.37 billion, surpassing the metrics of Base, Avalanche, and Polygon.

Recently, the Uniswap Labs team deployed the protocol on Blast.

“Liquidity providers in pools with USDB or WETH tokens can receive native income (as if they were holding these coins in the Blast wallet),” emphasized the developers.

The project was launched in November 2023 by NFT marketplace founder Blur under the pseudonym Pacman. Initially, the protocol didn’t even have a test network and offered users to deposit coins via a bridge.

Upcoming Notcoin listing

Web3 gaming project Notcoin is planning to list the NOT token on April 20, coinciding with the halving of the first cryptocurrency.

Notcoin has attracted nearly 35.2 million users. This is 0.44% of the Earth’s population.

The game functions as a Telegram app. For about three months, users mined non-existent tokens by clicking on an animated image of a coin on the screen.

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