May 29, 2024

Embodied AI from China. The answer to the symbiosis of OpenAI and Figure.

  • UBTech has partnered with Baidu to develop the industrial android Walker.
  • There is a trend towards humanoid mechanisms equipped with AI models.
  • Robots can assist in solving everyday tasks.

The Chinese company UBTech has partnered with Baidu to incorporate speech and reasoning capabilities into the industrial humanoid Walker S.

Android with a chatbot in its head

Developers have followed the example of the American company Figure, equipping their android with ChatGPT. The AI model helps the android learn and interact with humans.

The new capabilities of Figure 01 have demonstrated a significant shift towards humanoid robots that seamlessly integrate into human life. They can help in performing everyday tasks and contribute to industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Using the AppBuilder, the UBTech android interacts with the large language model Erine from Baidu. Walker S has learned to understand language and autonomously perform tasks like sorting items and folding clothes.

The new Walker S, along with its “little brother” Walker X, was introduced at an event in Hong Kong at the end of last year to celebrate the company’s listing on the stock exchange.

Evolution of bipedal robots

UBTech was founded in 2012. Its products focus on AI-based education, smart logistics, smart health, and elderly care.

UBTech introduced Walker S in 2023 for industrial use. In the center of NIO’s advanced automobile production, the android was placed on the assembly line as an “intern” to assist in production.

According to company representatives, Walker S is the first bipedal humanoid robot performing tasks at a specific workstation on a mobile electric vehicle production line.

Walker S is an improved version of the mechanical assistant of the previous model.

Walker X is equipped with an advanced system of four sensors and dual RGBD sensors. It has manipulator arms with seven degrees of freedom. Developers report increased agility and accuracy in task execution by the android.

With improved hand-eye coordination, Walker X can handle difficult tasks with extreme precision. Walker X is equipped with two HD cameras and dual RGB-D sensor technology for excellent object and scene recognition.

According to UBTech, the humanoid’s superior object recognition and sorting abilities enable efficient work in various conditions. Walker X can easily interact with household appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, and vacuums.

The robot performs complex movements with stability supported by precise balance control. It can withstand weights up to 10 kg or carry loads up to 3 kg in each hand.

Walker S steps onto the stage

During the presentation, Walker S demonstrated the ability to identify and perform tasks assigned to it. This is aided by the large language model Ernie from Baidu.


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